Highlights from the festival can be found below. All performers play free of charge to support the festival and its charities. If you’d like to donate please click the button below.


Wednesday 1st May – The Crosville Kick-Off featuring Pan!k Attack, Man at Q & M, The Cane Toads, Echo2Vega, and Clash of the Twang.

Thursday 2nd May – Belle Vue Acoustic Music Night featuring Andy Harbach, Lewis Perrin, Chris C, Paul Bryce, Daf Jones, and Luis Roberts.

Friday 3rd May – Not Your Average Friday Night Out in The Skerries featuring Jodie Melodie, Andy Bob Beaumont, James PM Phillips, Charlie Garlic, and Grant Sharkey.

Saturday 4th May – in The Nelson Arms featuring The Time Travellers, Running With Scissors Band, The Beaumont Brothers, and The Darvells.

Sunday 5th May – Skerries Warm-up Sounds, and Last But Not Least featuring Sam Lawrie, Maz, Stephen Richard, Bo Millerjen, Immortum, White Ether, Nick Smith Company, Lili Anne ar Band, Cul de Sacs, Fflaptogram, Scotch Funeral, and Red or Dead.


Wednesday 26th April 2023 – Tap & Spile

Thursday 27th April 2023 – Crosville Club and Bwyd Da

Saturday 29th April 2023 – The Skerries

Saturday 30th April 2023 – The Belle Vue